YWCA Westfield, NY 

2017 Arts and Crafts Festival

 YWCA Westfield Arts & Crafts Festival

Vendor Application


Festival Dates:

th th

July 28 & 29 2017

Set up:

July 27 10a-8p July 28 7a – 8:30a


Show: Friday, July 28th 9am – 6pm

Saturday, July 29th 9am – 5pm


Contact Name:









NYS Tax ID Number





Detailed description of your work. (You may use back of application)


The festival will have two distinct sections: One for handcrafted products; one for resellers and services. Are your products 100% handcrafted? Yes No (If No, please explain on back of application) What portion of your product or product line is buy/sell?

Are you using kits to create your products.?

Have you exhibited at the festival before? Yes No If yes, last year to participate? _____. Booth assignment is at the discretion of event organizers.




Enclose a list of other shows that you participate in, along with sponsor contact information for each show.

Use the back of the application



Enclose photos of your work (showing booth set-up, your work in progress, your work space and ALL products you will be selling) emailed photos are accepted, just let us know.


Booth Rental


Registration before May 1, 2017: Single Booth $100 Double Booth $200

Registration between May 1 and July 15, 2017: Single Booth $150 Double Booth $300


Submit Application,

Photos and checks to:

YWCA Westfield, Attn: Arts & Crafts 58 S. Portage, Westfield, NY 14787 artsandcraftswestfield@gmail.com

Reply by email or USPS.

No phone calls, please.



I have read and fully understand all the terms and conditions of this application, and that this application, if accepted, creates an agreement between me and the YWCA Westfield. I have read the festival rules and regulations and agree to follow them. I further agree that the YWCA Westfield will not be responsible or liable in any way for damage to work or injury. I give permission to the YWCA Westfield to take photos/videos of me, my work and/or both during the show and to use these for promotional purposes. I understand the YWCA Westfield reserves the right to make more inquires, request more documentation and refuse entry to individuals. I understand the decision of the YWCA is final. The YWCA reserves the right to remove participants from the show.





Date Received


Booth Assignment



To print a PDF and mail cut and paste the link below into a open browser:   Or email application requests to artsandcraftswestfield@gmail.com