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Support the efforts of YWCA Ukraine as they help the women of this war-torn nation.

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I want to introduce you to someone important to me. Her name is Natalia but her friends call her Natasha. She is the Founder and President of YWCA Ukraine. I have been in touch with her since the start of the war.

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This woman has been surviving (sometimes in a bunker underground) in the midst of war. She has been doing everything she can to help women and children seek refuge and leave the most dangerous areas. As fuel becomes scarce, there are no longer many options for leaving, and instead, people are remaining where they are and trying to stay safe from the violence. It is a struggle to get basic needs for the families such as food and medicine and emergency supplies met as prices soar and critical items become difficult to find.

I am inspired by Natasha’s courage. She is committed to staying and helping. I am inviting you to join me in supporting this effort by making a generous gift now.

100% of your gift will go directly to YWCA Ukraine to meet the most urgent basic needs of women and children.

It is not every day that someone is asking for your help in saving lives. But that is what we are asking today. You can make an incredible difference by making a gift today in support of the women and children in Ukraine. You can make your gift here:

Ukraine Donation

ywca ukraine sisters
ywca ukraine sisters
ywca ukraine sisters
ywca ukraine sisters