What’s been going on at the YWCA Westfield.

Building Repair:
At a special meeting, the YWCA Westfield Board of Trustees agreed to the following improvements:

  • Repair and maintenance to our roof.
  • A furnace replacement.
  • Driveway repair.
  • Re-pointing and sealing our three chimneys.

As our younger staff gets busy with summer leagues and babysitting we have brought on one last housekeeper. We welcome Alana Jasinski. With Airbnb sooooooo busy we are very happy to have another helping hand on board.

In Solidarity, We Build…the YWCA USA Racial Justice Summit:
The virtual summit kicked off on Monday and sessions throughout the week included – Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
– Various breakout sessions on race equity
– Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hilary Clinton’s opening remarks for the Women of Distinction Gala

Special Meeting:
U.S. Representative, Tom Reed’s office visited YWCA Westfield on Thursday. We had a productive meeting and discussed our legislative priorities and toured the AirBNB as well as the Fitness Room. Of course, they were very impressed! YWCA USA:
From YWCA USA this week, there were a lot of items pertaining to racial justice. Here is one, which is a toolkit for local organizations to begin to address racism in their communities. https://intranetywcausa.sharefile.com/share/view/s51b499e2c554446f814bee32de74c7d8

Additionally, here is some information from USA on their search for a national CEO: YWCA USA CEO Search Update. As the recruiting phase for the next YWCA USA CEO continues, the Board of Directors will be participating in anti-bias training in advance of candidate reviews and interviews. A huge value in doing this work together is to create a shared language and understanding of how biases can interfere with the hiring process. Ensuring our leadership comes to the table from a place of accountability and understanding ensures a more just process and furthers our commitment to living our shared mission.

That’s all for now! Have a great week